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Discover entradas.com, the leading portal for the sale of live entertainment and leisure activities. Boost your events with us and reach new levels of success. 

  • Personalized homepage experience: Our users across Spain enjoy a unique homepage experience with cross-selling options between different categories, ensuring the best experience for selling your events.
  • Annual investment in marketing: We are dedicated to strengthening our market presence and effectively promoting your events to the best audience. 
  • SEO optimization and conversion focus: Our platform is fully optimized for search engines and designed to maximize user conversion into potential customers. 
  • Personalized newsletters: We send personalized newsletters to our users, keeping them informed about events relevant to their interests and increasing the visibility of your events.
  • Seasonal branding campaigns and offline advertising: We ensure effective exposure of your brand and events to potential customers.

Discover how entradas.com can be your strategic ally to achieve the success of your events. 

cine.entradas.com  is the leading platform in Spain for the sale of movie tickets.

We offer all the current movie listings with the latest releases and popular titles. In addition to ticket sales, we provide additional services such as gift cards, various payment methods and ticket exchange options, increasing customer satisfaction and building loyalty with your audience.

Offer your customers the ability to purchase tickets and accommodation together, with viaje.entradas.com.  We help you maximize your revenue and profitability through digital marketing tools, ticket distribution, revenue management and accommodation booking solutions.

Maximize your reach through a multitude of channels connected to our sales software


Different distribution channels for your events through API integration

  • Expand your reach. The ability to sell tickets through more than 20 channels and B2B partners means reaching a wider and more diverse audience and increasing the visibility of your events.
  • Increased sales. Channel diversification can lead to increased ticket sales. By reaching different market segments and geographic areas, you maximize the potential of your events.
  • Increased presence. Your events will appear on multiple platforms and online channels increasing their visibility. This is essential to reach audiences that search for events on various sites and social networks.
  • Simplification of processes. The API connection simplifies the management of multiple sales channels in a single interface.
  • Improved shopping experience. Customers can choose the sales channel they are most comfortable with. This improves their experience and fosters customer satisfaction, which can lead to long-term loyalty.
  • Additional revenue generation. By selling through our integrated channels via API, you can explore new revenue opportunities.

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