Much more than soccer

EVENTIM.Liga is a comprehensive technological solution developed for the LaLiga Spanish football clubs, integrated with AVET. It's a platform designed to optimize and simplify all aspects related to ticket sales and servicing club-related groups: season ticket holders and fans. 

The platform has enough flexibility to cater to the services and mechanisms specific to each club. Through our control panel, you can self-manage venue configurations, publish matches, generate reports, implement personalized promotions, conduct cross-selling, and much more.  

In addition to using EVENTIM.Liga as a direct channel through your website, you can boost your sales through our sales channel, thus enhancing its reach thanks to our potential user database.  

EVENTIM.Liga stands out as a reliable and customizable solution aimed at improving the fan experience and optimizing LaLiga event management.

Simplify the management of your games

All the features for your club

With EVENTIM.Liga, you can customize every aspect of your events, from deactivating specific zones of the stadium to enabling VIP areas and including photo galleries for an even more immersive experience. From the sale of individual tickets to season ticket campaigns, we offer a comprehensive set of features to meet all the needs of the clubs.

Through our platform, clubs have the ability to manage a wide range of sales channels, including, white label, box office, and phone, allowing you to effectively reach a diverse audience. Additionally, our integrations and automations make it easy to configure venues and manage events by automatically replicating seats, venues, and matches.

We offer a wide range of customized options, from defining sales periods by group to detailed attendee data management, ensuring a smooth experience tailored to the needs of each user.

With EVENTIM.Liga, you can rest assured that your match is in good hands, with all the tools you need to ensure its success.

The best fan experience

With our innovative system of virtual waiting rooms, we offer the best shopping experience for your customers. We guarantee quality service regardless of the volume of demand.

We prevent massive booking in the same stadium sectors, ensuring that fans have equal opportunities to access tickets, no matter when they enter the purchasing process. This not only improves the fan experience but also optimizes management of stadium capacity, ensuring a more efficient and equitable entry flow for everyone.

Everything you need for your club

White label

Your white label with EVENTIM.Liga technology. Ticket sales with your look & feel and maximum flexibility to adapt to the club's website.

Purchase flow optimization

Fast and intuitive navigation, providing the customer with the best shopping experience and optimized to conversion in 3 simple steps.

Control panel

All operations related to the management and sale of tickets, centralized in a single platform.


Sell on your white label, on, at the box office and on your partners' channels.


We provide you with the option of self-management with greater autonomy and flexibility to manage your events.

Secure purchasing

Multiple payment options, fraud control and card blocking tools based on IP or issuing country.

Virtual waiting rooms

Customized queuing to optimize for peak traffic matches. Our system optimizes traffic providing greater security and better user experience.

Group segmentation

Possibility of actions segmented by groups, pre-sales for members or companions, promotions, special prices, campaigns, etc.

Customized tickets

Ticket personalization in all formats. Spaces for sponsors, crosselling, match day promotions, etc.