Beyond cinema ticketing software

EVENTIM.Cine is the platform approved by the Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts (ICAA) that has been developed with a specific focus on movie ticket sales. Through our platform, we sell millions of movie tickets each year.

Our comprehensive solution includes an advanced CRM to manage your database, the creation of a custom mobile app to boost your sales, and state-of-the-art box office sales software. Additionally, we offer the option to handle the design of your website, thereby improving sales conversion and enhancing the user experience.

In summary, EVENTIM.Cine is much more than a simple movie ticket sales platform. We offer a complete range of solutions for exhibitors, cinema chains, and independent theaters. Our experience and commitment to the film industry have made us the preferred choice for those looking to maximize their sales, improve customer experience, and strengthen their market presence.

Integral solutions for the management of your cinema

Your personalized white label

Our custom web design solution, based on an advanced content management system (CMS), is specially tailored for cinema chains and independent cinemas. The available templates are optimized to enhance sales conversion and search engine positioning, providing a superior user experience. This CMS enables intuitive content management, ensuring that the website is always updated and aligned with marketing strategies.

For an even more comprehensive user experience, we offer a custom app that incorporates the organization's logo and corporate colors. This app allows for sales tracking, offers loyalty cards, and facilitates the sale of bar products and vouchers. Additionally, it enables push notifications to keep customers informed about promotions and events, enhancing customer interaction and satisfaction.

The best experience for viewers

The integrated CRM centralizes the customer database, allowing for sending personalized emails, audience segmentation, and obtaining detailed campaign performance reports. Additionally, the CRM facilitates the creation of email templates and tracking customer behaviors, optimizing marketing strategies and strengthening customer relationships.

Furthermore, the ticketing module, approved by the ICAA, offers an easy-to-use ticket and product sales solution, with real-time sales tracking and additional modules such as ERP, kiosk, and screen manager. These tools ensure efficient and optimized management, providing high-quality service to customers.

With these solutions, we guarantee the best experience for customers and exhibitors.

All the features for the sale of movie tickets

Our portal, the reference portal for movie ticket sales, receives more than 1 million visits per month.

Your white label

We offer you to create your own partnershop, designed with the "look & feel" of your cinema, with total control over it.

Content management system

We take care of the design of your website, to optimize sales conversion, adjust the online positioning and improve the user experience.


Whether you are a cinema chain or an independent movie theater, we provide you with a mobile application customized with your brand.

Exchange service

Your customers will be able to exchange their tickets if they cannot attend the session, within the portal.

ERP System

With the ERP system you will have support in the invoicing and accounting of your cinema.

Payment gateway included

The platform includes a payment gateway and different payment methods: credit card, bizum, Paypal and Bono Cultural Joven.


Reduce queues at the ticket office with the totem module, multi-language and 24-hour ticketing.


With easy self-programming, sell tickets and extra products from your cinema box office.