The all-in-one solution for cultural venues and events

EVENTIM.Inhouse is the ultimate self-manageable solution that perfectly adapts to the needs of cultural institutions. Its versatility and customization capabilities make it the perfect tool for those looking to simplify ticket sales management. It offers both individual tickets and subscriptions, providing flexibility for different types of events and audience preferences. Additionally, it features an easy and intuitive module for creating venues, whether numbered or unnumbered, adapting to any configuration you need.

More than 600 cultural institutions in Europe use EVENTIM.Inhouse for ticket sales.

Flexibility and customization for your events

Easily select seats on any device for a smooth shopping experience

EVENTIM.Inhouse allows you to customize your white label according to your institution or event, ensuring the best experience throughout the entire purchase process. Additionally, you can personalize the emails sent to customers, the purchase tickets, edit the shopping cart, and customize your time-slots.

The platform allows users to select their seats on optimized seating maps for any device, enhancing usability and the purchasing experience. It offers cross-selling, such as catering or merchandising, during the ticket purchasing process, thereby generating additional revenue.

We provide you with an easy-to-use ticketing solution, with options for group reservations, quick payments, and a detailed purchase history for efficient event management. Establish loyalty programs for regular customers, offering exclusive discounts and benefits to increase customer loyalty. It facilitates the implementation of promotional codes, exclusive links, and invitations to attract and retain customers.

Improve customer management with detailed reporting and advanced CRM tools

Our tool offers integrated CRM functionality designed to optimize the value of your customers by providing a detailed view of their purchasing habits and helping predict trends to increase revenue. You can send pre and post-event emails directly from the platform, as well as edit and create newsletter templates.

Additionally, it provides statistics on the impact of emails, customer surveys, and data segmentation for personalized marketing campaigns. The platform also offers API integration to connect with other CRM platforms. Furthermore, it includes numerous ready-to-use pre-designed reports in different modules, with the option to export to Excel or PDF. It also offers the creation of custom reports, allowing detailed design and scheduling of reports according to user needs. All custom reports can be saved and reused, increasing efficiency and saving time.

Offers exceptional experiences


You can design your white label, ticket design, confirmation emails, invoices, membership cards and much more.

Access control

Manages visitor access at specific and scheduled times, ensuring a constant and efficient flow.

Subscriptions and membership

It offers options to attract new customers or keep the ones you already have, providing a wide variety of benefits.


Effectively increase your revenue by offering additional products to your customers in the same purchase flow.

Seating map

You can manage non-reserved seating, general admission areas and VIP areas, adapting to various types of events.


From the box office module you will be able to know how many tickets are left, manage waiting lists and track the history of your customers.

Integrated CRM

Maximize the value of your customers and increase your revenue with information about your customers' buying habits.

Detailed tracking of all transactions

Detailed record of all financial transactions.

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Maximize your reach and benefit from the marketing actions of our sales portal.